Contacts File – Overview

ContactYour address book

The Contacts file not only keeps track of your customers but anyone else you may need to contact (e.g. suppliers, artists, lawyer, employees, etc.) by either phone or e-mail. The Contacts file is used to store information for all of your customers but also your vendors and service providers.

As a rule of thumb, customer information entry is done from the Work Order or Invoice files as new customers come through your door and place orders. But when first starting up with FrameReady you may import an existing database into your program. It is important to enter your vendors/distributors/suppliers into this file as well. In doing so you will be able to utilize the Purchase Order file to its fullest extent.

Tracking Information

Tabs across the bottom of the screen provide ways to track marketing campaigns and referrals, produce email lists, track social media, monitor store signage effectiveness and a host of other useful things.


FrameReady offers many of the features you would expect only of a word processor, such as, tabs and character styling. The most significant part is that you have direct access to your Contacts file. You can produce a letter or PDF (for single or bulk mailing) and store an unlimited number of letter templates. Included in your program are a few sample letters (Needlework, Thank You, Pick up framing) to get you started. You can print envelopes and address labels. You can export your data to a third party.


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