Consignments File – Overview

The Consignments file is used to track products that are going out of your physical store/warehouse. Therefore this feature is fully integrated with your Products file.Use this file to track any artwork or product which is leaving your premises. This file is not for tracking artwork which is left in your shop on consignment. Use the Products file > Consignment tab for that purpose.

Company (or consignee) may be

  • a designer
  • an interior decorator
  • another company
  • a museum or art gallery display
  • one of your own customers who has a piece of artwork out on approval
  • an art show, exhibit or craft sale
  • even your own company truck that travels around selling artwork to furniture stores.

The Consignments file has a similar look and feel to the Invoices file. It has a form view, a list view and a Data Entry screen. Click the purple Data Entry button to add or change Line items entries.  PO# allows you to record a purchase order number.

The Printer icon lets you print the document.Printing Consignments

This file is designed to only work with the Products file so you must enter each product there first. It records to whom the artwork has been consigned, what pieces were consigned, and updates the inventory in the Products file.

If artwork is returned, it is returned to inventory. If it is sold, it is posted to an invoice.


Consignment File Side Bar Buttons

Side Bar Buttons - Consignment
New Account creates a new record in the Contacts file.

Check Items In presents a screen to process the consignment products back into your inventory.*

Print Documents lets you print Image List, Item List, Bills and Reports.

Preview All Items out

and Print All Items Out displays a list of all consigned items.

Preview Items Out Current Account and

Print Items Out Current Account finds all consignments out for this account (on screen).

Preview All Items Out and

Prints All Items Out displays all consignment items out sorted by consignment number.

Products - In Out

*Note: The Products file has an Out field which displays the quantity that has been ‘processed out’ using this feature. Check Items In moves the inventory from the Out field to the In field.CONSIGN form view

New Consignment button, in the upper right corner, creates a blank record that displays a data entry screen.

Consignment File Data Entry ScreenConsignment file

Select the Consignee using the magnifying glass icons. Company (or consignee) may be a designer, a company, or even a truck within your own company that travels around selling artwork to furniture stores.

Consignment # is entered automatically in sequence.

Products file button selects the products you wish to consign. It assumes the quantity of one.

% Discount shows if the product was discounted in the Products file. It may also be used to discount an item when sold by the consignee. The discount is carried over when posted to an invoice.

Done (Process Out)

This moves the inventory in the Products file from the In field to the Out field.
The following message appears.
Check these items out?
Note: Once processed the consignment cannot be modified. You cannot go back to add/remove items.

Done (Leave on Hold) returns you to the Consignments screen. You will be able to return to this consignment at any time to update, add/remove items.






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