Combine Formula and Code Pricing Check Box

Available for pricing in the groups Matboard, Fabric, Mounting, and Glass, this check box allows you to price an item by Cost x markup + set price PLUS a code table.

A few examples of how this method of pricing can be used:

  • FABRIC: use the markup and set price to price the fabric and use the Code Table to cover the price of the substrate.
  • MATBOARD: use markup and set price to create your prices and the Code Table to influence a straight line or bell curve in the pricing line.
Access: Price Codes file > Matboard Group >  Form View > Matboard Pricing tab

This pricing option is also available on the Pricing Options and Defaults screen.Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.43.26 PM

Before checking the box, make sure you have entered:

  1. Wholesale cost of item
  2. Markup
  3. Set Price (optional)
  4. Code Table

When in use, the message at the top of the screen will read: “This item is being priced by: a combined formula and code table”.

Warning: If the check box is removed, the program will default to price by Code Table only. To price by set price and markup, remove the code table.