Creating New Barcodes

Can I create my own barcode numbers in the Price Codes file?

Bar CodingYes. For example, perhaps you want to streamline filling out a work order by having all the components of mounting assigned a barcode and a reference book for staff to scan.

Access: Price Codes file
  1. Click Find.
  2. In the UPC field type in the number you wish to generate.
    You need to ensure that this number is unique and does not already belong to another item. It is recommended that your barcode number be 5 digits or greater.
    (Most UPC numbers are 12 digits.)
  3. If you receive a dialog box saying “No records match this request!” then click Cancel.
  4. Find the item for which you wish to create a barcode using the Find button.
  5. Add your new barcode number in the UPC field. Commit the field by clicking Enter on your keyboard.
  6. If you desire to print the barcode as a label then click Perform menu bar > Print Barcodes 2 Columns.PC print barcode
  7. Click Continue.


Posted on Carl Jagt in Price Codes