Barcoding Overview

Barcoding software is included in all FrameReady products. Of course you will need to purchase a barcode reader in order to utilize these great features.

FrameReady employs barcoding in 4 areas:

1. Barcodes on Frame and Mat Corner Samples

Barcodes on Frame and Mat Corner Samples  Most vendors include barcodes on their moulding and matboard corner samples. FrameReady allows for easy entry of these barcodes into the Work Order screen for instant pricing.

Using this feature promotes speed and accuracy.

If, while filling in a work order, you scan a barcode number that is not entered in the Price Codes file:

  1. A ‘No match can be found for this…’ message will appear on the work order, click Revert Field.
  2. Use the magnifying glass to enter the first few digits of the number.
  3. To check the item, go to the Price Codes file and perform a Find for the item using it’s number, e.g. C1610. Check the number in the UPC field. If the field is blank, scan the barcode number into the field.
  4. If the field contains a number, ensure the barcode number on the screen matches the printed one.
    If not, you can replace the number in the field by scanning the printed barcode number into the field.
    The UPC field is not affected by vendor updates. If you change the barcode number, updating your vendors will not revert the field back to the original barcode.

Old worn-out labels may be reprinted. See this articleBarcoding For Retail Products

2. Barcodes as shop management tools

Barcoding For Retail Products  FrameReady and FrameReady Lite generate barcodes on printed Work Orders and Art Identification Tag. This tool makes it easy to find the customer’s order on the computer screen.

3. Barcodes on retail products (not available in FrameReady Lite)

Barcodes on retail productsFrameReady allows you to store and read any product assigned a barcode. FrameReady is equipped with label creation software to produce your own stylized labels for all your retail products and framed art.

If you create a new product in the Products file, FrameReady automatically generates a new Item #. If your retail product has an Item # that is different from the UPC number (i.e. barcode), then you can change the item number which was generated by FrameReady by typing over it and entering the number you want to use. Then click in the UPC field and scan the barcode.

4. Creating labels for frame jobs

Create barcode labels for finished packages or for items being shipped to another location to be framed.

How do I use a barcode to find a product?

  1. In the Main Menu > Products (purple section) > Find Product.
    The Enter Search Criteria screen will appear and your cursor will be blinking in the Item/UPC field.
  2. Scan the barcode from the retail product into the UPC field.
    The record for that item in the Products file will immediately appear if a match is found or the message will appear “No Records match this request”. If that happens click Modify Find and scan the barcode in the Item field.

An item can be entered onto an invoice using either the UPC number or the item number. However, when searching for the item in the Products file using the Find mode use the Item field to find an item # and the UPC field to find a barcode.



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