Apply $ to Multiple Invoices – Invoice File

Take a single payment from a customer and apply it to any unpaid invoices.

Access: Invoice file > Apply $ to Multiple Invoices side bar button

This dialog box appears.
Perform Last Find

  1. Select the name of the customer.
    The ID information will be entered into all of the fields.
  2. Click Continue.
    Perform Last Find
  3. Confirm the customer by clicking Yes, No, Try Again or Cancel.
  4. When you click Yes, you are directed to the Contact file > Receive Payment tab.
  5. Choose which invoice/s you on which you wish to receive payment/s by clicking Pay box/es.
  6. If necessary change the value in the Amount to Pay field.
  7. Click Refresh.
  8. Click Enter Payment.
  9. In the Enter Payment dialog box enter the Date (MM/DD/YYYY). Tender and optional Reference #.
  10. Click OK.


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