Analyzing Vendor Pricing Updates

Most people are in a rush to do their vendor pricing update. Taking a minute to click on the Analyse button may provide you with some profitable information.

You may want to know when your favourite moulding goes up or down in price.

If it goes down, it might be the right time to buy inventory. If it goes up, you want to prevent that puzzled look on your face at a new price.

Knowing what is happening to your pricing gives you an advantage.

Access: Main Menu> Update Vendor Pricing > (Select a specific vendor) > Analyse button

Analyze button

A report will appear for the selected vendor showing only the moulding items which have changed in price.
Analyse your vendor pricing update
The report can be printed by clicking on the printer icon in the top left corner.

Click Close to exit the report and return to the vendor update.

Click Proceed to run the update as usual or Cancel to return to the Main Menu without performing the update.

TIP: If some of your in-stock moulding or matboard has decreased in price, you can print the report and manually change the prices back to the higher price at which it was purchased. Or, go to the bottom of your formula and type in a multiplier. (Eg. * 2)