Adding Supply Items to a Frame Order / Purchase Order

You can use FrameReady to add supply items (e.g. ATG tape, screws, wire, etc) to a framing order and/or a purchase order. There are two ways to add the items: 1) Use the Threshold and Reorder fields or 2) Use the Post to Purchase Order button. 

Ordering with the Threshold and Reorder fields:
This is best used to maintain levels of stock.
  1. Find the item in the form view of the Price Codes file > Find.
    Tip: To pre-enter all of your supplies, go to the Price Codes file > Supplies side bar button > New. Enter all of your supplies in this layout.
  2. Enter the quantity in the Reorder field.
  3. Enter 0 in the Qty field.
  4. Enter 1 in the Threshold field.
  5. Uncheck the On Order box, if checked.
  6. Select a vendor from the Order From field, if it is blank and you are using Purchase Orders.

The next time you click Main Menu > Create Frame Order, and you have work orders for which Frame Order has not been created, these items will be included. Also, make sure that the Create Purchase Order checkbox is checked.

Ordering with Post to Purchase Order button:
This is best when ordering individuals items as needed. It adds the supply item to the last open Purchase Order which is marked as “Not Placed” or adds it to the next Purchase Order to be created for the supplier identified in the Order From field. 
  1. Find the item in the form view of the Price Codes file > Find.
  2. Enter the quantity in the Reorder field if you want FrameReady to enter that amount on the Purchase Order.
  3. Uncheck the On Order box, if checked.
  4. Make sure that a supplier is listed in the Order From box. If none has been entered, click on the down arrow and select a supplier from the list.
  5. Click on the green Post to Purchase Order button located below the Order From field in the Auto Inv tab.
    A dialog box will appear asking if you want to have the item added to the “Last” open Purchase Order for the supplier that has not been placed yet or if you want to add it to the next “New” purchase order that will be created in the future.    NOTE: If you selected “Last”, the item will be added to an existing purchase order for this supplier. If you selected “New”, the item will be added when the next purchase order is created for the supplier in the Order From field.
  6. Select “Last ” or “New”.
An X will appear in the On Order box to let you know that this item has been ordered.  When it is received and the inventory is Accepted/updated on the Purchase Order, the X will automatically be removed from the box. The screen will not change from the supply item you are working on.




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