Adding a Host as a Favorite

Note: Make sure that FrameReady is open and set to Multi-user on the host computer.

How to Add a Host as a Favorite

  1. Open FileMaker Pro using the desktop shortcut or alias.If you do not have a shortcut, you can find the program in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro ##\FileMaker Pro.exe (Windows)or

    Macintosh HD\Applications\FileMaker Pro ##\FileMaker (Macintosh).

  2. FileMaker Pro opens to the Launch Center screen.
  3. Make sure the Hosts tab button is selected.
  4. Locate the FrameReady icon and move your mouse over it; a star icon appears above the icon.
  5. Click the star icon to select it as a favorite.
    The chosen file is now included as a favorite throughout FileMaker menus.
  6. In the top panel, click the star icon.
    This filters the list of files and only shows your favorites.

How to Open a Favorite

  1. Open FileMaker Pro using the desktop shortcut or alias.
  2. FileMaker Pro opens to the Launch Center screen.
  3. Double-click the FrameReady icon.
    The account and password dialog appears.
  4. Enter your account and password.


Posted on Carl Jagt in Networking