Invoices Overview

FrameReady is designed so that invoicing need not be a separate task.

Not available in FrameReady Lite.

FrameReady Webinar: Getting Started with Invoices

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FrameReady Webinar: Invoices Advanced

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Invoice Status

Every Invoice in FrameReady is automatically marked as one of the following:

  1. Paid in Full

  2. Deposit -- a partial payment has been made, but the balance is still owed.

  3. Unpaid -- no payment has been made.

  4. Void, or

  5. Void Memo

This cannot be modified or changed. FrameReady automatically determines the status. You can, however, do a Find for these.

Do not post an Invoice for a Work Order until you are ready to receive payment.

If you take a deposit on an order, then use
Work Order > Menu bar > Perform > Post a Deposit Only.

Modifying Invoices

  • If the date of an Invoice falls within the current month, then modifications can be made to it on the Line Item Entry screen.

  • If an Invoice is dated prior to the current month, then modifications can only be made by clicking on the Allow this Invoice to be Modified button.

    Be advised: Modifications affect the sales reports for the time period to which the Invoice belongs.

    You can set a security password to control access to this button. See also: Set up a Security Password

Invoices Components and Flow

  • Once Work Orders are filled in, click the Post to Invoice sidebar button on the Work Order and a new Invoice is created.

  • Gifts, crafts, antiques, etc. and other products can be easily entered by using a product number or a bar code scanner.

  • Reports of sales and payments are generated from the Main Menu and can be batch entered into accounting software.

  • The Invoice file consists of:

  • The List View displays Invoices in a list. It reports how many records are showing and how many are in a found set.

  • Use the Find All button to show every Invoice ever created, no matter if they are Paid or Unpaid.

  • Sort columns by clicking on each underlined word, i.e. Inv#, Date, Sold To.

  • Additional buttons let you Unmark All, Mark Found Set (see also: Using the Marked Field) compile a Payment Report (same as sidebar button), Find and Sort Unpaid Invoices, Print List and Perform Last Find (same as sidebar button).


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