FrameReady on an iPad

In order to access FrameReady on an iPad, first download the free FileMaker Go app from the App Store.

How to Open FrameReady on the iPad

  1. Unlock your iPad.

  2. Make sure you are connected to the same wifi network that your FrameReady server computer is on.

  3. Tap the FileMaker Go icon.

  4. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Hosts icon.

  5. If FileMaker Go finds your server computer, then you should see the FrameReady icon. Tap and login as usual, e.g. level2 or level3.

  6. If FileMaker Go does not find your server computer, then tap the Hosts button (top left). If your server computer appears in the list, then tap it.

    Otherwise, tap the nearby + icon and enter the IP address of your server computer. You can find the server's IP address by clicking Setup Data (on the Main Menu), opening the Network tab and clicking What's my IP Address.

Tip: When you first open FileMaker Go on the iPad, it defaults to a list of recently opened files. If the address of your server computer changed at one point, then it may still show it in the list.

Which one to use? 

The best practice, when first opening FileMaker Go, is to always tap the Hosts icon at the bottom right -- that screen lists the live connections to your server computer.

FileMaker Go "Hidden" Menu

  • To see the FileMaker Go menu/status bar, swipe down with three fingers.

  • To hide the FileMaker Go menu/status bar, swipe up with three fingers.

iPad Pro 'Zoom' Settings

Beginning with iOS 11, users can view the iPad Pro in Standard or Zoom mode. This feature enlarges icons, text and graphics on the screen.

How to Enable Zoomed mode

  1. Unlock your iPad Pro. Tap the Settings icon.

  2. Tap Display & Brightness.

  3. Under the Display Zoom heading, tap View.

  4. On the Display Zoom screen, tap the Zoomed button then tap the Set button (top right).

  5. In the popup dialog box, tap Use Zoomed.

    The screen will go black, then reappear in zoomed mode.

  6. Tap Cancel to exit.

    Now, when you open FileMaker Go and log into FrameReady, all the screens will fit and display comfortably on the iPad Pro.

Note: the Zoomed setting may also alter the popup, onscreen keyboard.


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