Mac OSX Firewall

This is a guide to updating the Mac OSX Firewall settings on your Host computer so that it works with FrameReady on your private network.

Mac OSX Firewall

Your Mac may have its firewall enabled to prevent unwanted connections from the Internet or other networks. This may affect a guest computer's ability to open FrameReady over your private network.

In this guide, we will instruct the Mac to allow FrameReady to use the network and still keep the Firewall turned on.

Update the Firewall Settings

On your Host (Server) Computer:

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences
  2. Click Security & Privacy, then click Firewall
  3. If the preferences pane is locked, click the lock icon to make changes
  4. If the firewall is on, click the Firewall Options button (we do not want to block all incoming connections, so uncheck the box
  5. To add an app, click the Add button, select FrameReady in the list (it will be inside the FrameReady folder) and click Add
  6. Make sure that FrameReady is set to allow incoming connections
  7. Click OK
  8. Click the lock to prevent further changes
  9. The Host should now be visible from your Guest computer